• Auxiliary sieve screen
  • Dosing screw
  • Bar grate for pre-separation of large material
  • Hydraulische Höhenverstellung
    Vertical adjustment

Additional components

Auxiliary sieve screen

For subsequent and additional screening operations or as a stand-alone screen.

Beistellsieb für eine weitere Siebfraktion

Bar grate

As pre-separation of large material by tipping to relieving the screen stars.

Gitterrost zur Vorabsonderung großer Materialanteile

Central lubrication

Automatic central lubrication for optimized supply of all driven bearing systems.

Automatische Zentralschmierung

Cleaning system

With manual or automatic connection to clean the screen stars in the first segment.

Intelligentes Reinigungssystem


Compressor system for machine cleaning.


Dosing screw

The dosing screw provides for uniform feeding of the coarse screen ensuring high screening quality and maximum throughput.


Fine deck shifting

To provide for the opportunity of changing from screening in 3 fractions to screening in 2 fractions.

Hydraulischer Feindeckmechanismus - Umstellung von 3 auf 2 Fraktionen

Fire extinguisher

For organic, dry or flammable materials.


Hopper enhancement

To enhance hopper capacity.


Hydraulic housing

Einhausung der Hydraulik

Magnetic separation

Magnetic roller for Fe parts separation.


Reversible fan

CLEANFIX for engine/hydraulics cooling CAN bus controlled, programmable on a time or temperature-dependent basis.


Special color

Aside from our factory paint color (to RAL 1007), we also offer you our machines according to your desired/factory paint color.


Vertical adjustment

Hydraulic screen deck tilt adjustment up to 10-15°.

Hydraulische Höhenverstellung

Vibrating grid


Wind sifting

Wind sifting incl. exhaust pipe/hose and container net. Cleaning from above possible.