The starscreen machine from Backers. The original.

Ever since 1989, Backers has continuously set milestones in starscreen technology. Goal of our work is to offer the customer an effective and economic solution for screening mineral and organic materials well as material mixtures. Because without separation many materials existing as main product, secondary product or waste could not be further processed.

From our point of view, there is but one logic screening order to guarantee a good cleaning result and economically optimal operation. The basic message for screening three fractions is: coarse before fine screening. The coarse grain is separated exactly in the first screening step (coarse screening) and discharged. The undersize grain is now separated from coarse grain and disturbing materials and transported to the second screening step (fine screening). The ascending screening process enables transfer on completely smooth conveyor belts at maximum height. Discharge of materials is carried out at a high drop-off point of approx. 3000 mm.

The advantages

  • Increase in throughput and enhanced materials handling
  • Good cleaning of the medium grain
  • Minimum wear of the screen stars
  • Reduction of personnel expenses and secondary equipment

Use in almost all materials

Above all, Backers starscreen machines manufactured according to a modular principle are convincing by their flexibility: Powerful drives, compact dimensions, various forms of mobility and additional components allow being used in almost all materials with grain sizes (separation size) of 5 mm up to 80 mm:

  • Use in cohesive material is economically possible
  • Screening of materials or material mixtures with clay and clay inclusions (without agglomerates)
  • Screening also of large-volume materials
  • Coarse grain pre-separation possible using a bar grate

Machines, functionality and more ...

2-fractions functionality

Starscreen machines with two fractions can sift out oversize grain and fine grain from the feed material. In addition, the Backers 2-fractions starscreen machines can be equipped with a bar grate to pre-separate very coarse material fractions.

3-fractions functionality

Backers' 3-fractions starscreen machines are ideal for processing construction waste, compost, top soil, biomass or wood chips. They can sift out oversize grain, medium grain and fine grain from the feed material. In addition, the Backers 3-fractions starscreen system can be equipped with a bar grate to pre-separate very coarse material fractions.

Mobility & additional components

We offer you various mobilities and additional components for our 2 and 3 fractions starscreens as well as for our screening and mixing machinery. 

Used equipement

At this point we offer used machines in top conditions:

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