Here you find information on product novelties, follow-up reports on exhibitions as well as Backers press releases.

Producing fluidised soil (CLSM) on site

The 3-fraction starscreen machine can also be used as a screening and mixing machine for the production of stabilised soil and for the production of fluidised soil following a brief modification process. Thanks to its wheel/crawler track design, the machine can be set up quickly on site and can change location in next to no time. The machine uses a diesel-hydraulic drive. A silo with compound can be set up directly next to or at a short distance from the machine. The machine is usually set up right next to the excavated material and filled by means of an excavator.
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Pre-Screening Channel Sludge Protects Sludge Pumps from Contamination

An excavator is used to remove the channel sludge from the boat and load it directly into the hopper of the starscreen. The starscreen, with a screening surface of 1.7 meters wide by 8 meters long, removes the refuse from the sludge. After screening, the sludge is fed directly into (3) pumps which pump it onto a field, located a few hundred meters away.
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New dry recycling process for soil and mixed construction waste processing

The combination in question consists of starscreen 3-mta and a wind sifter. It can be expanded by an impact crusher. The 3-fraction starscreen has a fine and a coarse starscreen deck and a grizzlyscreen above the starscreen material hopper.
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Backers: Soil recycling through screening & mixing

In the field of mineral waste and excavated soil, the Backers company from the Emsland region relies on the concept of “screen first, then break” or “screen first, then mix”. The soil is recycled on site with mobile machines. The costs for landfill and new material, including extraction and transport, are thus eliminated. Local resources and soil are conserved in accordance with the Soil Protection Act.
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Screening and crushing instead of crushing and screening!

The final product is not the only thing that will be different! Because of the new grizzlyscreen an alternative recycling of C&D material (especially when the soil is cohesive) is possible...
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Starscreen 2-ta with „grizzlyscreen“

Backers also adjusted the starscreen 2-ta with the new grizzlyscreen on top of the hopper. Because of continuous rotation and an adjustable angle even bigger stones will be separated by starscreen 2-ta with grizzlyscreen before they’ll be feed into the hopper
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Backers Maschinenbau GmbH’s first demonstrating day with testing the 2-tb17 starscreen was successful.

The firm of Backers’ first demonstrating day was held on the new site next to the A31 motorway on 9th July 2015.
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Machines for screening and mixing and to produce fluidised soil and concrete

“Fluidised soil” is increasingly important, not least as a result of new developments and progress in machine technology.
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