• Sternsieb 3-mal bei Rindenabsiebung
  • Sternsieb 3-mtb Hackschnitzelabsiebung bei 5mm


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Screening and crushing instead of crushing and screening!

The final product is not the only thing that will be different!
Because of the new grizzlyscreen an alternative recycling of C&D material (especially when the soil is cohesive) is possible...

Screening. Separating. Mixing. Crushing.

Sternsiebe für organische Materialien

Screening organicals

Here you can find suitable starscreens for organical applications like compost, biomass, woodchips ...

Mineralik absieben

Screening mineralicals

Starscreens for mineralical applications like loamy soil, rocks, ashes, buildingsite rubbish, waste ...

Sieb- und Mischmaschine von Backers

Screening and mixing

Screening and mixing machines for applications like soil stabilization, conditioning of polluted material, drilling mud ...

Material yield in 2, 3 or 4 fractions. Custom-designed for your application.
For the road or difficult terrain: Hook lift, semitrailer, crawler ...
  • High screening performance
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Length restriction of the fine-grain portions
  • Minimization of agglomerates
  • Low wear, low follow-up costs
  • Material discharge at max. height (3 m)