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The starscreen machine from Backers. The original.

2-fractions screens

Starscreen 2-ha

Especially suited for smaller applications. The containermobile, compact screen solution.

Sternsieb 2-ha bei der Absiebung von Lehmboden klein

Starscreen 2-hta

Compact starscreen for maximum flexibility: Hook-lift and crawler mobility at the same time.

Sternsieb 2-hta beim Aufladen für Transport

Starscreen 2-ma

Starscreen for organic and mineralic materials and combinations of them. Starscreen with a 2 splitt-effect.

Sternsieb 2-ma mit Windsichter

Starscreen 2-sa

Semimobile screen solution on skids.

Sternsieb 2-sa

Starscreen 2-ta

Wireless controlled starscreen shuntable on terrain. Can be deployed on construction sites and on difficult sites.

Sternsieb 2-ta

Starscreen 2-ta17

Screener with 1.7 m width screendeck.

Sternsieb 2-ta17 beim Reinigen von Zuckerrüben

Starscreen 2-tb17

High productive and especially suitable for construction waste, use in a quarry and teh like.

Sternsieb 2-tb17 im Steinbruch

3-fractions screens

Starscreen 3-ma

Can be placed against walls and factory halls for 3-splitt screening.

Sternsieb 3-ma Absiebung von Kompost

Starscreen 3-mal

The Version of starscreen with a longer coarse screen and a total screeniing length of 12m. For a very exact screening result.

Sternsieb 3-mal bei Rindenabsiebung

Starscreen 3-mal17

The screenmonster. This screening machine has gigantic dimensions and is the biggest worldwide fully used starscreen.

Sternsieb 3-mal17 mit 2 Lenkachsen im Straßenverkehr

Starscreen 3-mb

These version of starscreen has an output of the fine and medium grain right and left. This allows stockpiling on both sides of the screen.

Sternsieb 3-mb Absiebung von Altholz

Starscreen 3-mta

Thanks to the patented wheel-track-combination you can transport the screener by trailer on the road a via crawler chassis on terrain.

Sternsieb 3-mta bei der Absiebung von Mutterboden

Starscreen 3-mtal

Screen plant with longer coarse deck and perfected mobility - the patented combination wheel-crawler.

Sternsieb 3-mtal

Starscreen 3-mtb

Patented wheel-crawler combination achieves the maximum flexibility. Transport on the road without special permit.

Sternsieb 3-mtb bei der Absiebung von Rinde

Starscreen 3-mtbl

Even cohesive doesn't state a problem to this screening machine with longer coarse screen. Set-up times of < 15 minutes.

Sternsieb 3-mtbl bei der Gleisschotterabsiebung

Starscreen 3-sb

The skidmobile version of starscreen. Can be used independently on the factory premises and in halls.

Sternsieb 3-sb in Transportstellung

Starscreen 3-ta

A pure crawler-mobile starscreen system that can also stand requirements even in difficult terrain.

Sternsieb 3-ta in Bodenmaterial

Starscreen 3-tb

The starscreen machine on crawlers separates in 3 fractions also when deployed on hilly terrain.

Sternsieb 3-tb in steinigem Boden

Screening and mixing machines

Screening and mixing machine 3-mtac

Switch from screening & mixing into 3 splitt.

Sternsieb und Mischmaschine 3-mtac auf der Bauma 2013
Sieb- und Mischmaschine

Screening and mixing machine 3-mtbc

Multi-variant in mobility and in functionality.

Bohrschlamm transportfähig machen
Sieb- und Mischmaschine